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Being Able to Pause a Test Running in TestExecute

Being Able to Pause a Test Running in TestExecute

The idea is quite simple, being able to pause a test that is running in TestExecute. I know that you're supposed to be debugging in Testcomplete and that it's so people don't get licenses of TestExecute for development, but being able to pause a tests would be a big plus as some of our tests are very long to run and it would be nice to see if there is a problem on the environment without disturbing tests that are running. 


I don't think this would be hard to implement from the SmartBear team and it would really help our day to day. All of our QC Devs already have a licencse for TestComplete, but we would really need this to be more productive as we will currently wait for a test to be done to do validations on environments. 




  • @JuliaBernikova , yes it is correct that someone would need to press the "pause" button and then "resume". 
  • Yes, we have automation tools such as Jenkins to schdule jobs. All our automated tests are called by this tool.  
  • Yes we can rerun failed tests and do if needed.
  • No we don't necessarily need the log to know that there is a problem.

I think that @BenoitB  put it very well, but I'll recap with more information. There are some instances where you know there is a problem with the environement or there is a scheduled maintenance. To add further to my above examples, there are some maintenances that you can't schedule around like an unplanned security patch. We know of these only a few hours before they happen. Also, sometimes as service will fail on an application and to mitigate the issse you have to reboot the entire server with multiple applications on it. Another example would be a known maintenance window, but you don't want to schedule all your tests around this window, so it would be easier just to pause what is running during that window and simply start it back up again after. 




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Thanks for your replies, they were very helpful in understanding the situation! Our product team will discuss this request and provide updates once we arrive at a decision.

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So it's been 3 years, are there any updates on this? Pausing TE would still be a welcome feature I think.

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Yes, it would be best if we can have Pause for Test Execute. We need to open our vms to check if the tests are running all right but since there's no Pause, it gets very difficult to setup anything related to closing vm.

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