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Auto update scripts when Name Mapping items/aliases are renamed

Auto update scripts when Name Mapping items/aliases are renamed



When a Name Mapping item name is changed, it would be great to have all related NameMapping, Aliases updated accordingly through out the code.


For example:

A Name Mapping Aliases.MainWindows.NavigationWindow.OkButton is renamed to Aliases.MainWindows.NavigationPanel.OkButton would update all references of the old Aliases path to the new one.



Simoin Glet

Status changed to: Selected for Development

Hi @MKozinets I completely missed your note from 18-Mar-2016.


Will you please share the current thoughts for implementing this enhancement?


You mentioned reviewing it after the namemapping feature is redesigned, when will that be completed?




@MKozinets and @HKosova, when will the namemapping feature be redesigned?


And why does the status of this feature request still show as 'selected for development'?


It looks like this was changed to 'postponed'.





@MKozinets I am also keen to understand when the name mapping will be redesigned? Is this coming up in the near future? If so, are you able to give us any details as to what will be changing?


For anyone interested, I had a conversation with Support and here is the summary:


"According to our development team, the official status of the feature should be "Not in progress".
 According to the product owner, the feature request would be a great enhancement but based on our current architecture we are unable to implement this yet. Therefore I do not have a definite answer on when name mapping will be refactored.

We do not have definite plans for this at this time as the work has not been scheduled. This is a great feature enhancement but to implement this will require major changes in our current architecture, so this work has not been justified yet."




@MKozinets @TanyaYatskovska if the above comments are accurate then as per the discussion in please can this be moved to a more accurate status e.g. postponed?

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

 Hi Ben,


At the moment, this feature request is in the Selected for Development status. It means that our Product Team has discussed the suggested idea and come to the conclusion that it should be implemented. However, I don't know how long this process can take place. 

Frequent Contributor

We would love for this feature to be implemented ASAP.



We understand the value of this anticipated feature and have discussed it internally again. Though we would like to add this functionality to our product, it depends on other subsystems like script parsers and some other. The current state of these subsystems produces technical difficulties for implementing a reliable name auto-replacement feature. Creating an unreliable and weak implementation of this feature is not an option for us as we strive to improve usability and reliability of the TestComplete. So, right now we are postponing this functionality and will return to it in future.


Thank you for all your kudos, we appreciate your willingness to help improve the product!

Status changed to: Postponed
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