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Ability to Filter Crashed Programs

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Ability to Filter Crashed Programs

Related to support ticket 00502942: dptf_helper.exe process has crashed


When processes unrelated to the application under test crash, they cause the test run to fail.  In my case the dptf_helper.exe (related to the Intel dynamic thermal framework was crashing every few days), and had nothing to do with my test run, other than it made the test run fail.  Trying various ways to work around this crash as suggested by the Smartbear support team did not work and I ended up having to remove the .exe file from TestComplete which monitors for application crashes.

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What would you want to do instead of removing the .exe file from the the monitor?

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I would like to specify processes which if they crashed would not stop the test run from completing. 


From my understanding of the issue, since this application crash is not tied to anything TestComplete is doing, that is where the Project Properties - Process Filter fails to handle external application crashing on the computer.  (I had setup the Process filter to both permit only specific processes, or ignore the dptf_helper.exe process, and in both cases a crash would still cause the test suite to fail.)

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