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Swagger create a new method

New Contributor

Swagger create a new method

Hello !

I started using swagger yesterday and i want to create an API with activitiies, resources and courses as paths.

I made a class diagram for what i want to do but i have one problem. I should create a method "search" (for example /course/search ? query = "test") that will give me all the courses available that have the name  "test" or their id. 

And with this id, i want to have a list of all the activities available for this course.

I'm really struggling with it cause i'm used to java or c++ and i hope someone will help me solve it.

Thank you for reading !


Community Manager

Re: Swagger create a new method

Hi @Soufiane23,


From my understanding, Swagger helps you document your API. It doesn't allow developing API.

Please watch the 101 training video describing the basics of SwaggerHub:


Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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