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Can we hide some specific endpoints from documentation?

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Can we hide some specific endpoints from documentation?

Hi All,

In our project we have 2 categories of APIs. 1. Which can be shared to users/customers and 2. Manufacturing API's (Internal API's) which can not be shared in the documentation.

Is there a way to hide specific API endpoints to be hidden from documentation?


Hey @brnprasad. It isn't possible to give different users different levels of access to endpoints within the same OpenAPI definition in SwaggerHub, but there are a few other options you have.

  1. You could have two versions (one public and one private) of the same API, to manage the different levels of access. 
  2. You could have two completely separate APIs (one public and one private)
  3. If you're using SwaggerHub Enterprise, you could set up a Customer APIs organisation and a Manufacturing APIs organisation and have a different set of users in each org.


I hope this helps; let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi @joejoyce : Thanks for your quick reply. We are implementing them as two separate APIs. 


Thanks a lot.

BRN Prasad.

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