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swagger and openApi extented notations "x-"

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swagger and openApi extented notations "x-"

It s possible to extend the fixed fields in a schema. The specification indicate that we just need to prefix the extra fields with "x-". It s a good point if we want to specified spécific informations - per example the data source of a field.

But, in the produced documentations, at the end, we never see this extra fields.

My suggestion is, optionnaly, we can add/display this extra fields in the final documentation.


Currently, this is what we have :

Example - No extra field displayedExample - No extra field displayed

We can expect that we can see the extra field x-dataSource in the documentation.

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Status changed to: New Idea

This is now implements and showExtensions and showCommonExtensions are now enabled in SwaggerHub

Status changed to: Implemented
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