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Visual editing of an API definition

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Visual editing of an API definition

Greetings!  I'm a relatively new Open API user, and while I just love writing raw YAML in my favorite text editor of choice (vim or Sublime), I feel it would sometimes be easier if one could get started in a truly visual environment.


I saw on the SwaggerHub website that "SwaggerHub provides Visual Editor for OpenAPI 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 definitions so that you can updat... This is *just* what I'm looking for!  But... aye, there's the rub: [it's only] Available in SwaggerHub SaaS, SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.20.0 and later.


I am absolutely not in a situation to set up my own on-premise SwaggerHub installation.


So... anybody got any suggestions as an alternative to the SwaggerHub Visual Editor?


Help much appreciated,


Garry Offord

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