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Swagger UI (v3.19.0) - TypeError: Failed to fetch on Chrome

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Swagger UI (v3.19.0) - TypeError: Failed to fetch on Chrome

I am currently using Swagger UI version 3.19.0 with Flask-RestPlus version 0.13.0 and testing out unauthorised (401) response of uploading file endpoint of my deployed python flask application on Chrome. The problem is that I am getting TypeError: Failed to fetch with error net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR instead of 401 responses. I can see from my server logs that my backend is returning correct 401 responses. I am using gunicorn gateway with keep-alive set to true and uploading zip file with size > 64KB. The swagger ui is working fine for all other endpoints receiving correct responses from the server. Surprisingly, I tested the same file upload endpoint on Firefox browser and it has no problem returning correct 401 responses. It seems that this TypeError only occurs on chrome browser.


May i have suggestions and solutions for this problem and Thank you in advance.

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