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Swagger Editor 4.9.1 keeps restoring Petstore example

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Swagger Editor 4.9.1 keeps restoring Petstore example



    From the question you probably realized I'm new to swagger. My problem is that I simply cannot get rid of the petstore example while using swagger.

If I clear the editor (which comes with the petstore example), after I add anything, the petstore API is restored and my changes are applied to it.


     This problem happens in the online version, in the docker image, in the downloaded code. I tried to look for some kind of configuration, but this version doesn't seem to have it. I got the same behavior on Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


      The steps are pretty simple:


      1 - go to

      2 - select:  File -> Clear Editor

      3 - select: Insert -> Add Info

      4 - Change the title to anything (It will show the petstore title in the field)

      5 - The editor shows again the petstore code with the title changed to the text entered on the step above.



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