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Render Html pages coming as response of get API

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Render Html pages coming as response of get API

Hi Team,
i am new to swagger-ui and this is my very first post on the community here.
I am trying to get authcode implemented in an api which is a two step process as follows
1. Make a get call to a URL which sends back the response with an HTML form asking for username/password.
2. when we submit the form on browser there is a code which gets generated as a Query parameter in the URL.

I want to render the HTLM form from the first request in the swagger-ui as an HTML where user can fill-in information and submit the page.
can we achieve this is the out of the box(oob) swagger-ui?
if yes can someone provide the link to configure this please.


if this is not possible can i get the documentation somewhere in swagger-ui documentation.


Thanks in advance.

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You can use libraries like fetch or axios to make the HTTP request.

for more detail check this doc

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