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Need for swagger scanner

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Need for swagger scanner

Swagger code-gen (doc -> code) is a huge project which generates client/server stub for different programming langauges and frameworks. In the same way, there should be a project "swagger scanner"; which would work for different programming languages and framework. It will scan code and generate swagger document in YAML/json file.


Requriments for swagger-scanner

  • Wrapper for all open-source tools to generate swagger doc. It would look inside code and generate swagger doc for different programming language.
  • User would be able to run swagger-scanner.jar (just like swagger-codegen). Users would not have to depend on build tools to generate swagger doc.

Honestly, I would happy if there is some tool which satisfies second requriement.

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You can use Swagger Inspector to generate API specification given an API endpoint (and from there generate the documentation).

If you are looking to use annotation from a specific language there are several libraries available, like:

- Swashbukle for .NET

- swagger-core for Java

and so on... 

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Swagger inspector is not an open source tool. Also swagger-core only works with Maven/Gradle. It would have been great if there was a dedicated Java class that can scan for annotations and generate swagger document without depending on Maven/Gradle.


Also, swagger-codegen is an open-source and it supports many programming languages. In the same way, swagger-scanner would be a wrapper would generate swagger docs and it would support multiple programming languages. Also, it would not depend on a specific build tool.


Many of the open-sourced swagger projects do not have good document. A document should clearly lay out input, output and procedure to get output.

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