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How to generate only ResponseEntity?

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How to generate only ResponseEntity?

I want to return a response that is either a byte[] array or a list of POJO. For that I want to return a ResponseEntity object without specifying a type. I'm generating the Api using openApi, I have tried various combinations to no avail.

The closest I got was to generate ResponseEntity. Or to generate either ResponseEntity<List> OR ResponseEntity<byte[]>.

Is there a way to generate this using OpenApi?

What I have tried so far:

          description: "Success"
#            application/json:
#              schema:
#                type: array
#                items:
#                  $ref: "#/components/schemas/Employee"
#            application/avro:
#              schema:
#                type: string
#                format: byte

I want to have a return type of only ResponseEntity so that I can return byte[] array or List of Employees from the same api.

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