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Error Sibling parameters must have unique name

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Error Sibling parameters must have unique name


I am defining two parameter for to my REST resource, with specific params as below


@Operation(description = "Download",
summary = "0000",
tags = {"Test-v1.0"},
parameters = {
@@Parameter(name = "id", description = "id", in = ParameterIn.QUERY)
@Parameter(name = "file", description = "file Name", in = ParameterIn.QUERY),
@Parameter(name = "date", description = "Kickoff Date Time", in = ParameterIn.QUERY),
public Response dowload(@QueryParam("id") String id, @QueryParam("file") String file, @QueryParam("date") String date)

So generating documnet via maven plugin. the result contains two entries for each defined paramenters. Total 6 entries into the generated documents. 


Please help me to get it resolve and make maven plugin generate only one entry in paramenter list into json.


Hi, annotate the method parameter directly, e.g.


@Operation(description = "Download",
summary = "0000",
tags = {"Test-v1.0"}
public Response download(
@QueryParam("id") @Parameter(description = "id") String id,
@QueryParam("file") @Parameter(description = "file") String file,
@QueryParam("date") @Parameter(description = "date") String date)




I did that too and it gives expected result. But, Now all endpoints have too much data definitions. It all are too messy to read. Defining parameter is operation looks convenient to manage and read. Could you point me to some document, where this is described in details?


Not sure what do you mean by "too much data definitions", adding @Parameter to method param is less verbose than using Operatio parameters..

Documentation about Parameter annotation is available in wiki which has links also to test cases.





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