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Do you have a statement for how you support WCAG 2.1?

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Do you have a statement for how you support WCAG 2.1?

Hi, there,


We have several API references generated using Swagger UI. At the moment, we are improving accessibility of those references. As the majority of the UI cannot be customised by us, do you have a statement about how Swagger UI supports accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.1?


Hi @Astro-Choco 


I'm not sure we have an official WCAG policy, but we do track accessibility (a11y) and are actively improving as much as we can in that space. If you're interested in the progress you can look at the `cat: a11y` label in GitHub issues:


As for customization, it should be possible to customize any of the UI elements you require, there is a flexible plugin system that allows for this. To learn more about it, take a look at


As for the WCAG statement, are you aware of any statements in Open Source that we can forward to the team to take a look at?  

Hi @ponelat


Thank you for helping out. 🙂 GitHub has some statement of support for WCAG 2.1:

Would you help forward to the team?

Hi @ponelat ,


Have you had updates about the statement?



Nothing yet @Astro-Choco , still gathering material and seeing what is involved in such a statement.

May I ask if/what you need it for? 

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