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Customize Swagger-UI to serve multiple Json Files

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Customize Swagger-UI to serve multiple Json Files

Hello Folks,


I have an application with many Rest Services and Models and now i want to generate Swagger Documentation for these services, and i just went with Swagger.


I added swagger and swagger-ui to my Application and at first it looks Perfect, but once i finished adding all my Services

i ended up with some problems, the major problem is the Swagger-UI , because Swagger  generate one single json file api-docs for all the services, this files got big and so when i access the swagger-ui it crashes because the file is so big and the browser runs out of memory. i searched but i didn't find a solution for the swagger-ui but i found a maven plugin that can generate mutiple json files : maven-swagger-plugin  so now i have different files containing different documentation for my services, but my problem now is how can i make swagger-ui dynamic so i can order one json file per time and render it in the ui.



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