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Swagger Inspector not working

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Swagger Inspector not working

I'm trying to use Swagger Inspector to generate some OpenAPI files. The tool is throwing a number of errors in the console, and I'm not able to get anything out of it.


  • History lines aren't being saved while logged in. They're only saved when I'm logged out, so I need to log out, run my queries, then log back in to be able to choose the records to use for the API definition. There's a 500 error when you send a query while logged in.
  • Once logged in, the "create api definition" button doesn't work. It just has a spinner for a few seconds, then nothing happens. There's a 400 error when this happens.

Here's a gif of what's happening.


Hey @smithersnz 


Thanks for the GIF, it helps! 


Looks like your user ID isn't capture correctly (or something along those lines) and that there is a cascade of issues following that.

Could you share any details about the browser you're using? 

I've tried it on Chrome, Chrome incog, and Firefox, all updated. I've made sure to test with all extensions turned off, especially adblockers and script blockers.


I've also tried it with a brand new account, on a fresh Firefox install. Same issue.

Hello, I am having this same error. Did you get this resolved?

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The Inspector refuses to function in any manner.  When loading the inspector on 4 different computers and 3 different browser, we experienced functional errors in ALL pop ups such as Login, SignUp and Add to Collection making the tool unusable.


This software is not even Beta yet, how do we join the test group and help so you can have a releasable product?  The Create Api Definition flashes 3 dots for 1/10th of a second and then does nothing else...

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