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Test run groovy statistics

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Test run groovy statistics

As suggested by @Olga_T I will share a script which logs in the status of the test suites / test cases. Hereby I created the following project TearDown script:


// Define variables for holding test suites, test cases and test steps
def testSuites
def testCases
def passedTestCases = 0
def failedTestCases = 0

// Get the list of test suites
testSuites = runner.getResults() 

// Iterate through each test suite
testSuites.each() { "----------------------------------------" "The test suite " + "'" + it.getTestSuite().getName() +"'" + " has the status " + it.getStatus() + "." "The following are the contained test cases..."

	// Get all the test cases and iterate through them
	testCases = it.getResults()
	testCases.each() { "...the test case " + "'" + it.getTestCase().getName() +"'" + " with the status " + it.getStatus() + "."
		if ( it.getStatus().toString().equals("PASS") ) {
		} else {
	} "The number of passed test cases is " + passedTestCases.toString() + " while the number of failed test cases is " + failedTestCases.toString() + "."
	passedTestCases = 0
	failedTestCases = 0

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Re: Test run groovy statistics

Thanks for preparing the code, Lucian. I've added the TechCorner label to your topic. Feel free to use it when you post any interesting and useful samples or How To articles. 

Great contribution to API Summer and the well-deserved win last week! Congrats!

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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Re: Test run groovy statistics

Thanks Tanya! Smiley Happy

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