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Leverage Groovy Editors in IDEs

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Leverage Groovy Editors in IDEs

This is probably a long shot, but...  IntelliJ IDEa has a very nice Groovy editor plugin for their upcoming IDEa 7 release.  It has code completion and the works.

I was just thinking, wouldn't it be neat if the soapUI plugin for IntelliJ could somehow leverage the Groovy editors and use those when editing groovy scripts?  I actually doubt it's possible (or easy) but thought it would be worth mentioning anyway!

By the way-- you guys are great.  Thanks for the great support!


Re: Leverage Groovy Editors in IDEs


This is something we looked heavily into and sighed over after the release of 1.7.5. We believe that improving the groovy editor is the way to go forward and REALLY want to spend some time with it.

But I think what what we want is a decent pluggable editor in which you can add languages if the need arises.

However we should look into it.

I looked at the video and my, it's a beauty (like so many IntelliJ features)!

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Re: Leverage Groovy Editors in IDEs

Hi Chris,

it's of course a good idea.. also the IntelliJ XML editor is probably better then ours, so there several scenarious where this would come in handy. I don't know though if the IDEA plug-in API exposes the editors at the required level, we'll have to check this out.. the same goes of course for netbeans/eclipse, which could be easier since they are open-source and utilized "directly".. but I still estimate it's a lot of work..

so much fun to do and so little time :-)


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Re: Leverage Groovy Editors in IDEs

Niclas and Ole,

Thanks for the replies.  The IntelliJ groovy integration really is pretty fun to work with-- they've done a nice job.

I knew this wasn't easy, and honestly, I'm not expecting to see anything soon-- but I'm glad that you guys are looking at ways to improve the groovy editor.

FWIW, as much as I love IntelliJ, I'd use Eclipse or Netbeans just to run soapUI Pro if it meant I'd get better editor support!  Of course, a standalone solution is even better!