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Serious complaint about the buying process at SourceForge.


Serious complaint about the buying process at SourceForge.

We have had a serious complaint about the purchase process over at the sourceforge forums. Since we try to separate the Open Source and commercial forums and not taint SF with money issues. I will move the discussion here...

Ok, Ali's valid questions:

I have a few issues with ordering soapui through your website which are quite bothersome and is preventing me from buying the license.

1. What is the logic behind not being able to use free email account for order. I have never shopped online where a vendor tells me what type of email account to use.

2. Why can't I specify the quantity of soapui profession 1.7 (without support). The page forces you to buy only 1. ... Itemid,38/

3. I would like a review of my order before my credit card information is asked.

I am sure a lot of other customers have these issues. Purchasing usually happens from the purchasing dept in corporations who tend to be non-technical people. My purchasing dept has told me that they have had the hardest time trying to figure out how to place orders on your website. I suggest that you do something about this problem


Product Guy for Ready! API, SoapUI and all things API

Hi Ali!

Thanks for your interest in soapUI Commercial.

I'll try to answer the questions in order.

1) We agree, this is irritating. ShareIT our e-commerce provider does not accept free adresses for credit card purchases. The logic is anti fraud, but we are in the process of trying to convince them to change this. Free adresses does work for other payment options than Credit Cards though.

2)Yes, this is correct. The Personal Edition is really intended for personal use. Therefore there is no need for a singel user to buy more than one license. We do however have in place serious volume discounts that will, when we are talking about 11 (actually the discount system make 11 licenses cheaper... there, it is official!) licenses will make soapUI Pro pretty cheap. The actual price with the earlybird discount will be 210$ per license not more than 60$ per more per license. Now granted 210 is more than 149, but I will guarantee you, you will make up for that extra 60$ in your first week of soapUI usage, and the buying of pure supported professional licenses will come in handy, the ability for the soapUI users themselves to ask us support questions is really valuable.

3) I understand what you are saying. The intention of shareIT is to make the process more smooth. Try this:

  • Choose to buy soaUI Pro, nonpersonal edition.

  • Update the number of licenses to 11 and click the update button below.

  • You will the have a good overview of what you are paying for.

Also note that the third step, "Review and submit" will have all information for review before buying. I checked for reference and it is not that far from how the process works for us.

I will get back to you about the free e-mail issue and hopefully work it out for the best.
Product Guy for Ready! API, SoapUI and all things API

Update, I have not yet recieved a response from our e-commerce supplier.

Product Guy for Ready! API, SoapUI and all things API
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