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working with parameters


working with parameters

Hi, I am pretty new to SoapUI. 

I have a parameter that I would like to add 1 to after a test step. 

How would I accomplish this?

How to I do maniplate parameters in SoapUI? 


e.g I would like to add 1 [upcount] to a parameter ${#ratings_down}.

if I use: 


it returns "+1" like the parameter was a string. 

I would expect "1".




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Project, TestSuite & TestCase properties are actually of type String, but you can still increment them in a variety of ways e.g. by parsing the property value into a int type in a Groovy TestStep:


def ratingsDown = Integer.parseInt(context.expand('${#TestCase#ratings_down}')) ratingsDown+1


(if ratings_down was 2, this would log 3 - note without the Integer.parseInt(...), this would output 21)


(assumes the propety ratings_down is against a TestCase object, hence the #TestCase# before the property)


To add on insert into a request:




(if ratings_down was 2, this would insert 3)


Note this wouldn't increment the actual property value, you could do this in a Groovy TestStep e.g.


def ratingsDown = Integer.parseInt(context.expand('${#TestCase#ratings_down}'))

ratingsDown = ratingsDown+1 ratingsDown

testRunner.testCase.setPropertyValue("ratings_down", String.valueOf(ratingsDown))


Running this would increment the value of property ratings_down againsts the TestCase.


Yet another option, which may be better is to set a property against the TestCase context map, these can be objects e.g. in a Groovy script you could do something like:


context.ratings_down=0 context.ratings_down  // prints 0
context.ratings_down=context.ratings_down+1 context.ratings_down // prints 1


Context variables can then be used in requests etc without any prefix notation e.g. ${ratings_down}


There are many ways, does this help?





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Thank you very much Rupert, It sure does help. 

I tried out the 3rd option. 

I got the parameter from testcase and converted it to an int: 


def testCaseProperty = testRunner.testCase.getPropertyValue( "ratings_down" )
context.ratings_down = Integer.parseInt(testCaseProperty)

Then I could do calculations on it: 


context.ratings_down = context.ratings_down + 1

and use it for assertions later. 

Thanks again, 




Hi Teak,


Nice one - thanks for sharing the solution back so that others can see it.


If you're happy to, please can you also mark it as solved?




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