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What is the future of Pega tool?

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What is the future of Pega tool?

I recently joined a company where they ask me if I want I can in a project where Pega is used so I want to know What is the scope of the Pega tool in the future is worth learning Pega over machine learning 

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This isn't related question.

I believe you can search on Google for the same.

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Hey @irshad09,

I concur with Rao's comment, but Pega is a suite of software apps that utilise work management (work items) to arrange and schedule things that need to be "worked".

Comparing machine learning with Pega is same as comparing apples and oranges. However, learning Pega doesnt really provide you transferrable skills other than if you get another job that also uses Pega. With this in mind, id go with Machine Learning, but thats just my personal opinion.


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The tool has so many bugs and ROI is very low when you compare the bill rates of developers. The kind of functionalities we can achieve using the tool. It has so many bugs within the tool itself. The Pega Certified Data Scientist (PCDS) certification exam is for data scientists who wish to acquaint themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully apply AI in Pega Customer Decision Hub and Pega Customer Service. The PCDS Version 8.6 exam includes multiple-choice and scenario questions.

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