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Variable Based Tests

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Variable Based Tests

Hallo SoapUI Users,


I have some trivial question.


Explanation first:

I defined Test Case/TestSteps. I have also Properties for the test. So I can set or replace the values for variables in Properties.

So lets say variables has specific fields and values. So for the field UserID I can use strings and send this to API but


String != NULL / ""

String > 0

String < 20

String contain Letters

String contain no Numbers

String contain no Special Characters

sth like simple test rules - to prove Positive and Negative Test Cases.


I have several more such variables and I wonder is there any build in feature in SoapUI to make parameter's change in LOOP and run Test-Step or

I should design the recall to the TestStep with new parameters.


So in general sth like this:


Test Step A - Set parameters

Test Step B - Test Variable - and Save Result

Test Step C - Change Index and Recall next Value in Test Step A.


It looks like VarA, VarB, VarC, VarD, VarE where I have to change parameters for values in the order E, D, C, B, A.

So at least ... I estimate between 240-700 tests.

All the best






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Hi, this is a data-driven test (aka functional test in SmartBear speak).

It is something that ReadyAPI does extremely well, but it is not in SoapUI.  It's a license only feature.


But, all is not lost.  People have posted on here and Stack Overflow on how to 'build' data-driven tests in SoapUI without the need for a license.



This open source project built on SOAPUI open source support the data driven concept.


please try it out.

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