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Use own Log4j configuration

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Use own Log4j configuration

I'm launching TestRunner from the command line with some system properties. Among them, "soapui.log4j.config" to override logging configuration for SOAPUI.

E.g. testrunner.bat -Dsoapui.log4j.config="my_log4j.xml" ... -s MySuite project.xml

Since migration to SOAPUI 5.2, my configuration is not taken into account.

In SOAPUI 5.0, there was an output as follows:

Configuring log4j from [...\my_log4j.xml]

This output is expected as per initLog method in DefaultSoapUICore class:


protected void initLog()
    if( !logIsInitialized )
      String logFileName = System.getProperty( SoapUISystemProperties.SOAPUI_LOG4j_CONFIG_FILE, "soapui-log4j.xml" );
      File log4jconfig = root == null ? new File( logFileName ) : new File( new File( getRoot() ), logFileName );
      if( log4jconfig.exists() )
        System.out.println( "Configuring log4j from [" + log4jconfig.getAbsolutePath() + "]" );
        DOMConfigurator.configureAndWatch( log4jconfig.getAbsolutePath(), 5000 );



Any idea why such a regression?


I need this to work as I want to use JSONPath assertions.

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