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SoapUI is very slow in saving files

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SoapUI is very slow in saving files

I am using SoapUI community edition and I have set it to save all my projects on closing the application. Initially there was no trouble; but as the number of projects and associated files started to increase, it is taking very long time to close (~1 hour 30 mins).


I monitored the size of project files in the workspace during closing. SoapUI keeps a temporary backup of each project file as "temp-<<somenumber>>" (which it does in a second) and then proceeds to save the project. And it saves at a rate of just 2 KB/s and since each of my project files are more than 1MB, it takes annoyingly long time to complete.


Is there anything that can be done to speed up the process?

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I have same issue, it's really bothering me right now. Does anyone know that increase RAM on my PC will help? 

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I have the same problem with Soapui 5.5.0

And i did not find any answer.

Is there a way to configure saving parameters?

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