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SoapUI - Page can not be loaded while trying to get Azure OAuth2 token


SoapUI - Page can not be loaded while trying to get Azure OAuth2 token

SoapUI v5.5.0

I'm trying to get an Auth token using Auth tab - Implicit grant


As soon as I click the Get Access token - SoapUI launches its internal browser and displays "The page could not be loaded"


Did any one else face a similar issue - if so please let me know the solution

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I have the same problem with 5.4 and 5.5. It doesn't happen with 5.0, 5.2 or 5.3. I've tested with the latest Pro trail version and that works fine as well. 



I am having this issue as well with 5.5 trying to get a Salesforce oauth token.   Seems like many people are.  Not sure why this hasn't been addressed.


Something to do with 5.5 version. Noticed same with PRO version.

Disabled Proxy service and it works fine on both.

I went to Preferences - Proxy Settings - and selected "none".    Is there  another proxy service setting somewhere?  B/c that did nothing

For me it was not about the setting on SoapUI. It was the network proxy my company had.

Ahhh yes I've had that issue with many apps, however this issue is not that.   SOAP UI will not obtain an OAuth2 token on my work network or my home network.  My work does SSL inspection and redirects, my home doesn't do anything like that.

In my case the exact same details worked on postman for our devs. So I knew the data was correct & it was easy to debug and pinpoint it as a proxy and SoapUI issue.

A tool like Fiddler will also cause this issue with SoapUI. If you see an error 'Page can not be loaded' and you are sure you have everything correct then its a network issue. 


Good luck



Sorry to come back on this issue.  I encounter the same problem, i both deactivated the SOAUPUI proxy and the proxy settings on my Windows10.  Still continue to have the problem in SOAPUI 5.4.0 and 5.5.0 What am I missing? Thanks 

@Nadine I have this same problem too.


SoapUI 5.5.0

Windows 10


Proxy is set to 'off' in Windows and 'none' in  SoapUI.

I have restarted SoapUI.


What are we missing ?

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