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Save your workspace in multiple locations!!!!!!!!

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Save your workspace in multiple locations!!!!!!!!

I just lost who knows how many man hours due to SoapUI corrupting the workspace file.


Fortunately I have a full backup on my backup drive (at home) but I won;t be back there for a week or so. So for now, I am f&ck@d. 


Open up SoapUI today, and apparently the last save failed and completly destroyed by workspace file. All it containes now is a bunch of NULLS. SEEING OTHER FORUM POST, THIS SEEMS TO BE A COMMN PROBLEM.


So: USER BEWARE. Backup your workspace b/c SoapUI will, or some point, decide to completely trash your workspace file.

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Sometimes it will go wrong; but not every time! Smiley Happy If we make use of some SCM tools like Git, SVN, TFS etc., we could better tackle and maintain it with better additional configurations.




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I have been user of SoapUI since sometime in version 3. For this reason alone I always turn on the fuature to save my work periodically, and backup my work frequently.

With SoapUI, this is unfortunatelly just part of the workflow. 😞

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The Auto Save feature will not help you in this case.


If this has happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky. I have used SoapUI for more than 5 years and this had not happened before. If your project file gets corrupted, so will you auto save. That is what happened to me.


As another user suggested, back up your project file(s) in source repository or other reliable backup source.

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