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SOAPUI Script Assertion: Identical values failing assert

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SOAPUI Script Assertion: Identical values failing assert

While trying to test a REST API I am trying to compare a value in a response with a previous value stored in a separate testCase. Using script assertion, I am getting the proper values and they are identical, but when I try to match them using an assert it fails. 


Any clue as to why this is happening and how I can resolve it?



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Hey @mehdihs 


so just to be clear, the stl_id attribute (jsonpath $.data.stl_id) in response is being reported identical to the property value saved from a previous testcase identified by sellPrgSTLID, is that right?


have you made sure you haven't got any invisible space chars at the end of either the saved property or the stl_id value in response?  Cos that would generate the same behaviour as what you're reporting.






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@richiemakes a good point about potential trailing spaces.  Beyond this, are sure they are the same type?  For example 12345 is not equal to "12345".  You could try casting both values to a string or integer and then comparing.  E.g. assertEquals leftSide.toString().trim() == rightSide.toString().trim().


Also, you might want to read further into Groovy/Java string comparators.  I quite often use the .equals() and .contains() methods on a string.  Example assert leftSide.toString().equals(rightSide.toString()) or assert leftSide.toString().contains(rightSide.toString())

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Thanks. I tried your solution and the assert passed. It was an issue of the values being of different types. Just trimming did not work.

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