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SOAPUI - Framework Excel Way

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SOAPUI - Framework Excel Way

SOAPUI Framework

The Easier way to manage SOAPUI Tests using External files (Excel)


Saving response in external file (Text File)


Exporting Logs (Log output, SOAPUI Log, Error Log etc., in external file


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Vallalarasu Pandiyan
Read for more information below. For support/Information . Please connect to This video explains on SOAPUI automation on non licensed version. A framework is created using groovy scripting to run on the excel and automate complete soapui and capture
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Published video is very useful and got some idea about Automation.

I am trying to build Automation framework using Excel for API services testing which involved SOAP to SOAP and SOAP to REST request - response .


Can you please guide me for building framework?


Thank You

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