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Oauth2 token retrieval returns blank page

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Oauth2 token retrieval returns blank page

I've tried to perform an OAth2 token retrieval using grant permission, however I keep on getting a blank page. I've tried the same in postman using exactly the same auth credentials and that worked, so I'm guessing the problem resides with soapui. I've also disabled the proxy in soapui but that didnt work. Any ideas anyone? Ps I am using open source version.

I am having the same issue and observing same behavious (wrt postman). Any solution for Open Source Soap UI v.5.5.0?

Ok, so I am now getting a page cannot be displayed error in 5.5. I have since installed the Pro trial version and ran the same test and the logon screen does display however my java script to fill in the logon doesn't seem to fill in the page. I've checked the element ids several times, so there is nothing wrong with them, and I dont think there is anything wrong with the script. I will add the script to this post when I get home just incase anyone has any ideas how I could amend it.....

and here is my script for the logon screen:


function login() {

document.getElementById("idToken1").value = "910000000001";
document.getElementById("idToken2").value = "Password1";
window.setInterval(login, 100);


Would appreciate it if someone could advise how I could amend.  I am currently on the Pro trial and if I can get it working on the Pro version then we are willing to invest in getting the full license.

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Hi alexszarko,


Is it possible you're getting redirected to the blank page with your response? With our system using Okta, when I send a GET request with all of the parameters to get the auth code back in the response, if I have "Follow Redirects" and/or "Follow 302 Redirect with GET" turned on for that test step, I will not be able to get my token from the response.

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