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Modifications lost while using soapUI v2.0 beta2

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Modifications lost while using soapUI v2.0 beta2

Hi, I have been working on soapUI 1.7.6 with no problem for the last 2 weeks or so.
Yesterday I decided to try soapUI v2.0 beta2, as I was missing some important key features that were in the new 2.0 version.

Quickly while using soapUI v2.0 beta2 I had the feeling to have to redo things several times, like if my modifications were lost. First I thought I had not saved my work correctly.

Just to confirm my feeling I have done the followings:

- On my existing Test Suite I cloned a Test step in all my Test Cases
- Did some other Grovy script modifications in some Test Cases
- Saved all open Projects
- Close soapUI

After restarting soapUI (v2.0 beta2) , all my previous modifications were gone.

Since that time I have returned to v1.7.6 which does not have this kind of issue.

I suspect  some differences in the project xml repository schema ...
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Hi mermet,

thanks for reporting! We will hopefully release 2.0.1 later this week, which includes this fix and a bunch of other critical fixes..


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