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Is there student pricing for SoapUI Pro? Or trial extension? 2weeks trial not enough

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Is there student pricing for SoapUI Pro? Or trial extension? 2weeks trial not enough

Hey All,

I would like to learn SoapUI Pro, but the trial is only for two weeks and it is not enough time to learn it for me.

I find the price for a year too expensive since I don't use it everyday. I only will use it to brush up my skills when I am assigned to a new project or prepare for a job. I like to learn it so I can qualify for a project, but I don't use it everyday so the price is two expensive for me. I might use it for a few weeks and not look at it for several months until I have time again or need to brush up for an assignment. Is there a way to extend the trial period or purchase the pro version at a student price. I'm not trying to cheat the system, but I think it hurts people who really want to learn it since we are not companies and can't afford such an expensive price. Is there a way I can pay for it at a more affordable and fair price like based on usage instead? Like I pay to use for this month, but not for the next month if I know I don't have time to use it for next month. I am using the free version, but there are features in the soap ui pro like data source loop, data sink, conditional go to, etc... that I like to practice with.


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I agree, SoapUI NG / Ready API! is nice, but could reach a much wider audience if there were more flexible / affordable pricing options.


I for example only needed it for parts of writing my book, I might have renewed it if it was more affordable for me given my usuage...


Is anyone from SmartBear able to coment on pricing stragtegy / options going forward?




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I too support this concept! Additional to students offer, it would even help developers to create plugins for Ready! API/ SoapUI Pro, when a developer specific license is given. This would even increase the SoapUI users count.


I have even seen a note on SoapUI site some months ago, where developers can claim such license for 3/ 6 months period, when writing to Smartbear team. Unfortunately, I can't find the specific announcement to show it here. Smiley Sad


@Smartbear team: I hope you would definitely support and encourage to grow towards tomorrow! Smiley Happy




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