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How to run wshttp binding webservices in soap ui

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How to run wshttp binding webservices in soap ui

Hi Every One,


           I developed  a wshttp binding webservice.Its working fine in wcf test client and wcf storm. But in soap ui the service run only when i enable WS- Addressing Related Property or WS-Reliable Messaging Related Setting. I would like to run the service without configure in Soap UI.Is there any solution available for this issue /  Is any possible way to handle this one in my

either server side scripting  or webconfig.


          Advance Thanks for Suggestion...!

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This isn't a direct solution, as I have stoped short for suggesting any code at this stage, but if I understand you right, you don't want to use the WS-Addressing properties in SoapUI but instead would like to add these policy properties programatically when despatching the request in SoapUI? If so, one option might be to use a requestFilter to add the policy properties using Java/Groovy code? 


If you have the pro version this can be added without a plugin with a custom event filter - and some example code can be found in (part 5.2)


In the open source version this normally requires developing a plugin to add the requestFilter. I can offer some tips on this if necessary.


Sorry this isn't a quick fix answer, but hopefully it might provide some guideance or prompt someone else to improve upon it.



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Hi Rupert,


       Thanks for your suggestion.I did use AddressFilterMode option and fix this issue in server side. That code like as follow:


public class YourService: IYourService
... .




then need to specify the base address in webconfig like as following : 


<add baseAddress="your service address"/>




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