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How to generate NTLM based rest project to java in soapui

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How to generate NTLM based rest project to java in soapui

Basically i can able to successfully excute a rest url using ntlm based authentication, is it possible to generate java code for this working project using wadl2java option in soapui

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Where you say generate java code, I take it you mean generate java service skeleton code based on your WADL definition? 


There is an option in SoapUI to generate code from a WADL i.e. described at


But, SoapUI's wadl2java option seems to be intended to wrap the classic wadl2java i.e. the one at this link, which is pretty old and only generates java client code based on the WADL. 


I rarely find myself working with WADL defined services these days, but if I were then I would use the Apache CXF wadl2java option - see


This CXF based approach definately works, as I covered in in a recipe in the first chapter of my book. You just need to download Apache CXF, and then you can run the bundled wadl2java command against your WADL to generate a JAX-RS interface and skeleton implementation for your service.


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