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How to USE/Invoke Javascript in soapUI (per Release notes)

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How to USE/Invoke Javascript in soapUI (per Release notes)


I know that the website says that soapUI supports Javascript. I have NO IDEA where to paste javascript in though. Is there any documentation about how to do that? Is there a link to a blog/website/online resource where I can figure out how to use Javascript in soapui.

CLARIFICATION: I am not asking for tutorials on soapUI or on Javascript. I want to know how we can use a Javascript Step in soapUI.

The link where it says soapUI supports Javascript is here:

Thank you,
- R
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I found it.

In the tree window to the left, if you click on your project. You should see a 'scripting language' property below (again to the left).
Simply select between Groovy or Javascript.

I havn't tried Javascript yet. I just found workaround for most of my groovy limitations. Plus Groovy is crazy powerful from what I have seen : )
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