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Having trouble connecting to an Electric Charger over SOAP

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Having trouble connecting to an Electric Charger over SOAP

Hi all,


My electric charger communicates over OCPP which is basically a protocol for electric vehicles, chargers etc to talk to each other. It utilises SOAP for communications.


I have tried to connect to my charger using SoapUI but doesn't seem to work.


What I have done:


1) I have loaded the WSDL file:


2) At the bottom of the WSDL file I have changed the address location to the charger's OCPP endpoint addess


3) The WSDL loads fine and it has all the bindings that is listed in the spec.  When I double click a binding request, modify the relevant parameters of the package and then send it, I get in return: Error getting response; org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: The target server failed to respond.


I was wondering if anyone had any idea at all at what could be the possible causes of this.


Any assistance is appreciated!

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May be check if the service is working properly and also see the application logs to see if that helps.

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