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Fail a test if more than 1 min has passed since start and no response is received

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Fail a test if more than 1 min has passed since start and no response is received

Hi guys, 

I`m new to SoapUI and I am using the free version at the moment. My issue is that I have some tests that sometimes take a lot of time to finish executing (~3-4 mins up untill I receive a response back). I would like to fail the tests which take more than 30 seconds to get back a response as more than 30 seconds at this stage means big performance issues. In the future, the time will be lowered at 15 seconds/response. 

Can you please help me with some suggestions of what I can use? 


Thank you in advance 


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Try the preferences to configure the socket time out.

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Hi @nmrao 


Configured the socket timeout, but htis doesn`t help. The request is behaving the same, waiting for a response and I get an Error getting response after 3 minutes. 


Thank you!

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Found the solution. You can set-up a Testcase time-out.

Double click the test case  and go to TestCase Options. From there, you can set-up a TestCase timeout, which works wonderfull. 



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Hi... actually i have a quick question for you sir/mam, Im new to soap ui and my updated free open source version is not able to access my wifi internet. It repeating the message to check my internet connection. I can't able to find solution for this anywhere even smartbear agents refuse to help me on this, they dont support free version issues... can you guys please help me on this issues if you know the solution and don't mind helping me....plz

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