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Cloning TestSuite from one project to another only works once

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Cloning TestSuite from one project to another only works once


I'm trying to clone and move a TestSuite from one project to another. This works the first time.

When I want to do it again for another TestSuite it doesn't work anymore.

I have to close SoapUI and open it again. Then I can copy 1 again ...


Is there a better way?

Is this a bug in SoapUI?

I'm using SoapUI 5.1.3.

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is there any solution yet?

The problem still exists in SoapUI 5.2.0

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Could you please share the error log!




This is an issue I encounter on occasion in SoapUI 5.2.1 with JRE build 1.8.0_71-b15 on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. You can only clone one test suite at a time. Any further attempts will result in the test suite name being cloned but the contents will be a copy of the first test suite that was cloned. The workaround is to save your project, close SoapUI and then start it again to clone the next, which can become annoying but works. Nothing is reported in the error log.





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Please do something about this. This is unacceptable.

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I agree, this and several other crazy issues (like 1px thick border for dragging and changing the size since 5.x versions, or ridiculously small Resolve dialogue issue on import) are really making me upset. What is sad is that most of them (maybe all) are present in the "Pro" version (in Ready API, or how is it called now), where I already reported them (not this one) some time ago.

Now my company does not want any more to pay the PRO license, so I cannot check.

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