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Class Cast error in first try

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Class Cast error in first try

Hi everybody,
i was trying to send my first SOAP request against one of my servers and received a class cast error.

There are two issues combined:

1. I did not find a way to copy the error message or find out where or how the exception was thrown.

2. getting such an error when trying to get a first impression of a new tool is quite disappointing.


The error message I can see shows:

"java-lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to


What am I doing wrong?


Could you elaborate a bit more about the request, e.g. show how and what you requested.

There is also, if you are using SoapUI, an error log, alongside a lot of other logs, see the bottom of the window.

Hi Alex99,


the hint with the logs being available in the bottom area of the window was very helpful, although I did find it myself in the meantime.

I suppose there is not a solution to the class cast error, as the problem is, that an unexpected result is returned after the call.
Nevertheless throwing an exception in such a case is not a very helpful way of handling the situation.


So please consider the cas as closed.

Regards, Michael

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