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Can't Search/Find/Replace JSON Response

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Can't Search/Find/Replace JSON Response

Getting a valid JSON response, it is being displayed in the JSON tab.  Hitting CTRL-F brings up the Add WADL dialog, not search.  Right clicking anywhere in the response body does not contain Find/Replace.


Clicking on XML tab shows: "The content you are trying to view cannot be viewed as XML".  Clickong CTRL-F brings up WADL dialog.  Right clicking in the response area does show a 'Find/Replace' option (which isn't really helpful, because there's not XML data to search through).


This works correctly in 5.0, but is broken in 5.3 and 5.4

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Any update on this one? Facing exactly the same problem when trying to search through a Rest response. 

This really is a frustrating situation.

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