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Calling WCF Request with SOAPUI

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Calling WCF Request with SOAPUI



I want to call a WCF Request using the SOAPUI Open Source variant.


I am running the WCF service locally and I have gotten the "required" info/data from tracing (system.diagnostics) to compose the request: the raw xml-envelope and the endpoint.


I am trying it out with:

- Using POST-method

- NO wsdl-file, i.e. I am pasting the raw xml-envelope I got from the svclog in the Request Message Tab.

- Endpoint is the Uri from the svclog: net.tcp://



When using this endpoint I get the following exception in SOAPUI's errorlog:

 An error occurred [com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.submit.RequestTransportRegistry$MissingTransportException: Missing transport for protocol [net.tcp]]


So I tried instead using the endpoint:

This does not work either: No Connection Error.



I have not bothered to validate the contents of the envelope, as I do not get that far because of the exceptions.


So, my questions are:

- Is it possible to use tcp-endpoints at all in SOAPUI?

- Do the enpoints look correct? I entered everything in the Endpoint-field, i.e. nothing in Resource or Parameters.


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Below is not the answer in any way. Just see if the below link help to improve understanding the on endpoint address:

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