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Auto retry SOAP request on timeout

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Auto retry SOAP request on timeout

How can I get SOAP UI to resend a SOAP request (test step) automatically if it times out?


Does the response come back with some kind of message content? You can write a Groovy script to retry the test case if the response contains a particular message or code if this is the case?

No - unfortunately I get a java socket timeout exception:

Error getting response; Read timed out



Sorry to drop in Mike, but as well as a Groovy option (which could still work e.g. if you set a successfulResponse property in a script Assertion based on the proper response being received and loop if this is false), have you considered the Conditional Goto TestStep:


You could maybe use a boolean XPath expression to loop if an element of a proper response is not found: 


Just another option maybe thats more out-of-the-box?




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Hi Rup,


I've had a go with these approaches. Unfortunately conditional goto refuses to work if there's no response.


I've been trying to see if I can use Groovy to get at the test step result and see if there was an exception. Unforunately, whilst I can get the result object with testRunner.getResults(), and I can see the status is 'FAILED', the error property is null, so I can't see whether it's a timeout or some other kind of error.


Any ideas?




Ok, thats a shame about the Conditional Goto TestStep not working.


Ok, are you seeing any particular response data when the request has timed out? Is it null?


I did wonder if you could test the response and set a flag (some kind of property e.g. at TestCase or context level) in a Script Assertion when making the request e.g. something like:


if (messageExchange.response.contentAsString==null or is empty) set property successfulResponse=false


And then check the flag and loop if false e.g. have a Groovy TestStep with


if (successfulResponse) testRunner.gotoStepByName( "Request TestStep Name" )


I guess its really a a case of working out how to detect the timeout?






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I realize this post is a bit old but I am wondering if a solution was found here?  I am running into the same issue and looking for a reliable solution.



Would mind posting your observations on the issue that you face? Appreciate if you can provide more details of the issue which can help other to understand it better manner and try reproducing on their end. Would you mind opening a new thread instead?

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