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A project to send requests to multiple servers

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A project to send requests to multiple servers

In my SoapUI, I have individual projects to write to individual external servers, one project per server.   Each project has its own WSDL and I wrote Groovy scripts to execute the API in batch. 

Now I like to create a project to write to multiple servers.  So, I did the usual New Soap Project, New Testsuite, New Testcase.  When I did the Add Step, SoapUI gave me an error "Missing SOAP operations in project."


Note that I did not enter a WSDL when I did the New Soap Project (I only entered the project name).   I plan to copy (or move) the test cases from the other projects.


Do I have to enter the WSDL when I create the project?  If the project has to write to 4 external servers, do I have to enter the 4 WSDL?  If so, how do I enter 4 WSDL during the New Soap Project step?

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Hi @Mis3 ,

for each service you want to test within a project you have to add the WSDL.

You can add the first WSDL during project creation, but anytime later you can use Project / Add WSDL function:



Please note that a same service can be hosted by multiple servers, you just change the URL of a test step.

So, you don't have to add a WSDL per each server, but per each service.


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Guess I will have to add a WSDL to create the project. 

I have all the individual working test steps in the other projects, one project per external destination.  I plan to clone these test steps and move to this new project.   Then I will create Groovy script to execute the multiple teststeps in one go.  

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