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2nd request speed difference


2nd request speed difference

I have noticed that when sending 2 consectutive soap requests (to a wsdl endpoint) that the 1st request/response always takes longer than any subsequent responses of the same message. Is something cached in soapui? I have turned off the wsdl caching setting but still see the same behaviour.

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I don't believe that SoapUI would cache the results, but your backend might.

I don't have a solution, but I have seen similar behaviour from an API that has to go to a db for results.  I found the first call was slower than subsequent calls and this is down to the db caching results.  Therefore, when running any sort of performance tests, I would call the API three times and report each result to give min, max and average.

Back to SoapUI, are you measuring the time for the test as a whole or purely the step to call the API?

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