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Make SOAPUI work with Hermes JMS again

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Make SOAPUI work with Hermes JMS again


Can SOAPUI Open Source be updated to work with Hermes JMS again? I have used this with many clients that I have worked with when doing automated tests for IBM App Connect Enterprise where SOAPUI is writing to and reading from IMB MQ Queues. 

I recently tried to get it working with 5.6.1 but after a full day of trying, it didnt work and therefore I've had to revert back to 5.5.0

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Hi Kenny!!

It's possible to make Hermes JMS work together with SoapUI again. Take a look at:

Thanks in advance!!


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I followed the referenced append but unfortunately this didn't work for me. 
No menu entry or anything that would have allowed me to start Hermes would show up.
The referenced thread is also locked - or else I would have responded there...

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