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Feature request - SOAP Mocking > MockOperation Dispatching > SEQUENCE > response return reordering

Status: New Idea
by marcelopm on ‎04-05-2017 03:31 PM



I've been using the mock functionality and I have a feature request to make.


In Home / Documentation / SOAP Mocking / MockOperations and Responses:




Section MockOperation Dispatching:

  • SEQUENCE: this is the simplest dispatch method; responses are selected and returned in the order they have been added to the MockOperation.


If you are setting up a mock service with a bunch of fake responses and you need to change their order, it can become quite cumbersome since you would need to recreate them or swap their contents around.


I wish there was a better way to reorder the responses, preferable by dragging them, without having to use a QUERY-MATCH MockOperation dispatcher, which would involve more complexity.