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Allow uppercase in URL in the HTTP Request test step

Allow uppercase in URL in the HTTP Request test step


In soapUI 5.2.2 I have to use a property or modify the xml file directly to be able to test against a URL with mixed case it should just be allowed.  Refer to Question on How  for the the workaround i want to avoid

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Status changed to: Implemented

This feature request has been implemented in version 5.3 (shown in Bug Fix section 'A bug fix by bearsoftware (GitHub nickname): The Request URL property of the HTTP Request test step did not allow capital letters. (SOAPUIOS-213)')

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Thanks for updating that @TanyaYatskovska ! 🙂

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@rupert_anderson, you are welcome 😉

As far as I know, our Team monitors this SoapUI OS forum if issues are posted here. However, we don't check issues posted to GitHub. There was a plan to create a special issue-tracking area - I've contacted @MattiH to learn aobut the progress. I'll post the news here once I get it.

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Is there is any updated news regarding "plan to create a special issue-tracking area"?

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