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Testing for ascending sort


One of the tests I often have to deal with is verifying that a service can sort (ascending or descending) on a particular element (or a number of them.) I'm sharing a groovy script I've written to help assert that the service is sorting as expected. It's a small step to change it to test for descending sort, and I wanted to see how people would do that. I know how I would, and can post my version later. 



Here's my snippet:


def groovyUtils = new context );
def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder( messageExchange.responseContentAsXml )
def nodeCount = holder["count(//*:Objects/*:Object)"]

nodeCount = nodeCount.toInteger() 

bool ascending = true;
if (nodeCount == 1)
	// If only one object is returned, it is sorted.
	ascending = true;
	// If there are more than one object in the response, use XPATH to get the values of the element that was sorted by. Using ObjectIdentifier for this example.
	currentValue = holder["//*:Objects/*:Object/*:ObjectIdentifier"];
	// Test to see if the collection is equal to the sorted collection. Using false keeps the original collection the same and creates a temporary sorted copy.
	ascending = currentValue == currentValue.sort(false);
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