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data driven posts how to create a blog?

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data driven posts how to create a blog?

Initially I came to a company

The project was using soap ui open source nothing wrong with that except we had 10 test cases covering one scenario

I said this can be done better by takin a data driven approach so saw that Ready API does what I wanted

Got license and the rest is awesome.

I managed to get more test coverage with less tests using data driven aproach

it totaly aids but now I do not know how to blog my experience!


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I do not blog, so may be my inputs may not be great.

You may choose different sites to start blogging.

Here is one post I have come across, see if this is helpful for you.

And it is also possible to Blog in SmartBear, may be it has got some process & review of the content. Please contact CommunityManager regarding the same to find out the oppertunities

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