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Zephyr Scale Integration with ReadyAPI

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Zephyr Scale Integration with ReadyAPI

Hello, My question is regarding Zephyr and ReadyAPI.

  • - I know that ReadyAPI provides integration for Zephyr Squad. I want to know how we can integrate ReadyAPI with Zephyr Scale. Are there plans for ReadyAPI to support integration with Zephyr Scale as it supports Zephyr Squad?
    - We currently use Zephyr Scale. If we start using Zephyr Squad,
        - what will happen to our existing test case?
        - Zephyr Squad does not support data-driven or parameter-based test cases. What will happen if we move data-driven test cases written in ReadyAPI to Zephyr Squad?
        - What features will we miss out on in Zephyr Squad?
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Hi atariqharri,

There isn't a native integration.

I create a script that push testcases from readyapi to Zephyr.

I read readyapi xml files, I check if testcases are present in Zephyr, if not script will create them automatically for me.


Iteration between Zephyr and ReadyAPI was done using Zephyr APIs.


Also I create a script, that catch ReadyAPI execution and push result into Zephyr cycles.



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