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TestSuite - Data not passed from Data Source to Request XML

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TestSuite - Data not passed from Data Source to Request XML



Using SoapUI NG, I am having trouble running an API using a datasource to load multiple records in one run. Connections seem right but the data does not get passed from the DataSource object  to the Request XML causing an EMPTY request to be submitted thereby throwing errors.


TestSuite setup:

1. DataSource - connected to XLSX and loads data as expected

2. API Request

3. DataSource Loop - DataSource Step = DataSource, Taget Step = API Request


In debug mode, I can see the data pulled in from the spreadsheet, but when the API request is submitted, it fails (our API is set to return a failure response if data is not valid).


I tried this setup with another, simpler API that simply accepts data and returns info - the test was a success since there were no error messages returned. However, debugging the steps, I can see that NO SOURCE data is being included in the Request XML.


Software INfo:


Ready! API 1.5.0
© SmartBear Inc. 2007-2016

Build Date: 20151106-1037



What could the issue be? Please do let me know if you need more details.


Thank you.


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Hi Vjeswant,


It sounds that some investigation can be required here. Could you please contact our Ready! API Customer Care Team to try to resolve this? You can use this form to contact them:


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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